Friday, December 6, 2013

Quote du Jour (Faith Department): "Love looks courageous and messy..."

It's Advent and despite my best intentions to be still and slow down, I still started today slamming through everything delivered via email, RSS feed, and my greatest source for real-time news, Twitter.

When "Dog in the Manger: A Pageant" pops up, I'm tempted to save it for a later read. For one thing, it's on Tim Schenck's consistently delightful, thought-and-laugh provoking blog, Clergy Family Confidential. For another, I see this pageant script has been crafted by Laurie Brock, another one of my gifted writer-clergy friends who blogs at Dirty Sexy Ministry.

It's first thing (for me = 9:30 AM) in the morning, why would I want to squander such delight when I'll most definitely probably need it later?

Oh, Holy Spirit, tugging at me to read the blog post anyway. I do. I'm amused, especially by this stage direction, "...several Marys come out, all giggling and twirling in their Mary-ness."

The script is delightful...tralalalala...and then, I'm stopped and moved to unexpected tears by this:

Love looks like a teenager texting, an angel in a bad mood, and children having fun being in weird costumes. Love looks like our homeless brothers and sisters and those people we call “enemy.” Love looks like our family and friends, even those who, on this night, we miss because they are with God. Love looks courageous and messy and unusual and simple. Love looks like all of us here tonight.
 The message of Christmas is pretty simple – long ago, on that night, love came down to be with all of us in Jesus. Love…Love came down at Christmas.
─  Rev. Laurie Brock

And here's the inspiration for Laurie's pageant script:

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Lynda said...

Thank you for sharing this reminder that this is what Advent and Christmas are all about. I was at a meeting last evening which became negative about the general nature of things and I was disturbed because we had just reflected on Advent. So I gently led them back to Christ but not as powerfully as this comment that you have quoted. I will remember to follow the pattern that has been set here. Blessings.