Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dreaming of Fish

Earlier this week, I swam to the surface of wakefulness after a night of being deeply submerged and swimming in dreams of fish.

I dreamed about fish in bowls too small to contain them; fish pushing their way through a narrow drain pipe to the freedom of a bigger body of water; fish dying from being crowded and cramped.

For decades I had recurring dreams about lost cats, now I'm wondering if fish are the new cats. Could be and I certainly wouldn't be surprised, given how life is netting out these days. More about all that in a future post.


  1. Meredith, when I think of you and fish I am reminded of those marvellous posts during Lent of 2012 where you posted pictures of fish with a connection to that particular day. I pray that all is well. Blessings and prayers.

  2. Lynda, that was one of my more inspired series -- the most inspired being The Schlep of the Magi, of course. I should do one with chickens on some Fridays as an homage to my Jewish childhood. Roasted chicken on Fridays!

  3. Meredith, looking forward to the chicken series whenever you feel up to it! And yes I truly enjoyed The Schlep of the Magi as well. What a creative mind with which you have been blessed and have used it to being joy to others.

  4. So much in dreams to explore...I think dreams are often God speaking to us but most of us ignore them.


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