Monday, September 22, 2014

In case of an accident, check my RoadID

What's that on my wrist? Doesn't look like a Fitbit because it isn't. It's a RoadID, something I discovered while surfing the Twitterstream. 

RoadID is basically a medical alert bracelet onto which lots of info can be crammed. It was designed specifically for runners, bikers, and other athletes most likely to get knocked unconscious while on the open road. 

I engage in exactly none of these athletic activities, but do take walks. I've also been known to wander around without much (read: any) identification blah blah. I'm guessing this stupid and unsafe behavior will only get worse as I get older.

So what info is on my RoadID? Phone numbers, blood type, NKA (no known allergies), organ donor, plus in CAPS and all written out: DO NOT RESUSCITATE. I wanted to add, "I'm not freakin' kidding about the DNR," but there wasn't room. 

Nice flexible durable waterproof band; got one in black and another in purple because...wait, I should not have to explain why I just had to get a purple band.

Visit the RoadID site to read about why this family business got started and get one. It'll probably last longer than your Fitbit.


Mike R. said...

You can add website access with even more medical info. I wear one when I ride.

Jim Siegel said...

Meredith -- Did not know about RoadID. Thanks!