Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stanford #MedX Revelations: E, I, E, I...oh!

Not to brag (lying) but before heading out to #MedX, I did manage to generate lots of comments on the MedX ePatient Scholars Alumni Facebook group by posting pre-conference tips about introverts.

More specifically, I posted this chart of the "Top 10 Myths about Introverts That Simply Aren't True" that appeared on

I probably should have revisited it during my almost-full-week in Palo Alto, because by day two I was wondering if I'd mysteriously and magically shifted my entire intractable personality from introvert to extrovert.

Is that even possible? Much stranger things have happened in my life like when, during my late 30's, the side-part in my hair shifted from right to left. One day my hair was parting easily and neatly on the right side of my head; the next day, painfully not at all. Even my hairdresser didn't know for sure what the hell was going on.

So had I morphed from introvert to extrovert during #MedX? I did spent a lot of time hanging out with people -- wonderful walks, mealtime conversations, poolside hilarity. continuous communication via social media during presentations. Loving all of it, missing the camaraderie not just upon my return home, but at the end of each full day.

During #MedX and since returning, I've stared at pictures of me posted to Twitter and Facebook. Pictures of me laughing; hugging people. I've been studying them like archeological artifacts dug up from another identity.

Have I extrovert?!?

I've been pondering this since my return because it does seem to be true that a combination of the glorious microclimate in Palo Alto and the community that emerges before, during, and after #MedX does foster change at many levels.

A few weeks into making myself (more) nuts about my dearly beloved personality type, I found this chart posted on Twitter:

With ginormous ontological relief, I shouted, "Bingo!"  into the quiet confines of my (back here for now) home office and wondering, already, about attending Stanford MedicineX 2015.


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