Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grace Takes Many Forms: The Sand Art of Gary Shockley

Many moments of grace emerged during the conneXion conference at Central United Methodist Church in Concord, North Carolina, but the perhaps the most extraordinary was due to an unexpected agenda change.

I arrived at the church on Thursday morning to learn that my keynote would not be first on the schedule. Instead, it would be preceded by Gary Shockley's sand art -- an extended moment of grace that provided a sacred context for the day.

Behold this sample of what we were blessed to experience:

Discover more at Gary's website, Sand Artistry.

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Debbie Kolacki said...

The Augsburg Greatest Stories DVD studies also use beautiful sand art. I wasn't sure if my Bible study group would like them, but (except for one man) they loved them and looked forward to viewing them each week.