Monday, November 24, 2014

Life as a Clergy Wife: My Most Excellent Sunday Adventure

Other than waking up to God strongly suggesting that I go to church with my husband, I'm a little fuzzy on the exact sequence of this morning's events.

Let's just say that between the time we arrived and liturgy began, I somehow ended up singing with the choir. Singing soprano! Singing Rutter's "Look at the World" for the offertory! Wearing an outfit!

Don't I look happy?

I was! And many hours later, I still am, even though I had to leave the outfit at church.


  1. You are one adorable clergy wife!

  2. Oh Elizabeth -- totally great comment! Blushing, actually.

  3. Looks like there's food on the table. Did you get to have some of that too? Are those hymnals on the piano? Did you get to sing from those? Sounds like a good morning :)

  4. Yes, handed sheet music and a hymnal and thrilled that there were gluten free options to scarf down.

  5. Meredith, you certainly do look happy - all decked out in white like an angel! You were blessed to be part of the choir singing that beautiful song of thanksgiving and the choir was blessed to have you there as well. Thanks for sharing the adventure and the photo!


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