Saturday, November 29, 2014

Schlep of the Magi Begins Again (2014)

The Magi start their journey with a simple math problem:
If Three Wise Men schlep for 37 days,
and have a total of 51 flushable cleansing cloths, 
then to how many flushable cleansing cloths is each Magi entitled?


jdonliturgy said...

Not counting the camels and servants?

Meredith Gould said...

jdonliturgy: Yipes! The math gets more complicated. Blessings!

Elizabeth said...

So good to schlep with the wise guys again. I hope they are better at arithmetic than I am! Bon Voyage!

Lynda said...

It is good to see the Wise Men schlepping again! No matter how long they are schlepping, there are only 51 cleansing cloths among the three of them - 17 each! They need to use them "wisely".

Barbara said...

It wouldn't be Advent without the Wise men beginning their journey.

17 per wise man. But.. How wise are they? When was the last time you saw an outdoor toilet in the desert.