Sunday, December 16, 2007

ADVENTure Continues (3rd week)

Pink was the "ewww gross" color for an entire generation of women, a generation that didn't even use the expression "ewww gross." We who were among the very first readers of Mad Magazine adopted the word "yeech" to express disgust.

Who could blame us for being repulsed by what was then the color of gutless girl silliness. The reigning pink was insipid, without depth or nuance. It was totally unworthy of its plosive "k," a sturdy stop consonant which virtually demanded that an exclamation point be added. That pink? Who would want to be clothed in that? Yeech. Ewww, gross.

But pink with blue added becomes pink with oomph. It becomes pink! Ironies abound in the factoid that it takes those two primary colors of light to make this vibrancy happen. And take away one "o" from "oomph" and look who appears: OMPH. Super pink!

Today is Gaudete Sunday. The entrance antiphon invites us to "rejoice in the Lord always..." (Phil 4:4) The candle for this third week in Advent is pink, although the Roman Catholic church insists upon calling it "rose." The generous explanation for this nomenclature is that rose, both in color and scent, represents the BVM. I, however, suspect other motivations come into play. Here's a hint: yeech.

Nevertheless, the glimmering shimmering pink candle represents joy. Happy are we to continue our journey to welcome the Light of the World. This is pink I can and do embrace with delight. I say it's pink!


  1. seems like lotsa women are trying to reclaim pink...even a mag named "Pink" for working women (think P-inc) Nonetheless, I've met quite a few manly men priests who object to vestments...

  2. Yes, pink has been rehabilitated by a new generation. Little girls seem to embrace it without hesitancy -- but not in it's icky pastel shade. Hot pink flats are the foundation of my own summer wardrobe. Pink has been appropriated by cancer survivors as a power color. Not so bad to be in the pink these days.

    I should probably write more, at some point, about the canon of color, the symbolism of which in Russian Orthodox iconography bears a strong resemblance to the meaning of color in the chakra system.

  3. Our priest refused to wear pink on Sunday, even when we called it rose... stuck with purple. Interesting.

  4. And refused to eat quiche?


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