Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogging as an Occasion for Sin

Not even two full months into into blogging and already I'm encountering occasions for sin. Here, I am not referring to stumbling upon skank-a-delic material on the Internet. I am referring to envious and lustful feelings. Even more specifically, I am experiencing blog traffic envy and site statistics lust.

Ruth (aka, Wheelie Catholic) says my latest obsession with optimization tools and traffic is normal. An experienced blogger, she says I'm right on time, if not slightly ahead and this last part certainly cheers me up, having been bred to overachieve and all that.

I know I can overcome this descent into separative consciousness. I managed to do so when, as a new author, I spent way too much time checking and rechecking the amazon.com ratings for my books. I got through this particular dark night by praying, "God, I thank you for the many gifts you have given me. I humbly turn my sales numbers over to you." Amen? Amen!


  1. Oh don't even get me started on this one. I think it's all part of the purging :)

  2. You're not nearly as bad as I was when I went through this! I knew I'd fallen into sin when I put up the tag word "Paris" during the jail debacle just to get readers over to my blog. After one day of glory I returned to the true purpose of my blog and went back to my own humble , but real stats.

    I am now known to yawn during discussions of blogging stats...

  3. Oh, no, you mean I have to confess checking Dashboard all the time?

    "Father, I relentless check Blogger Dashboard to see if anyone's told me how brilliant the pearls that usher from my keyboard are."

    "Um, you what, dear?"

  4. Only if checking Blogger Dashboard replaces your spiritual practices and/or you feel a wave of bitterness when you read anything less than glowing about your posts...which are indeed pearlescent, Melissa!


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