Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So *that* explains it! (Judaism's Legacy)

Thanks to Aish.com, I awake each morning to a post titled, "Today in Jewish History." I find these both illuminating and useful. Much of the content I add to the list of evidence I summon to explain Judaism's legacy to my sisters and brothers in Christ.

And then there's the stuff that helps me understand why certain distinctive features of my own Jewish identity remain so durable. This morning's post provides a great example of what I mean by this. Today is 1 Shevat:
On this date, as the Jewish people were completing 40 years of wandering in the desert, Moses gathered the entire nation and began his farewell address. Moses' speech would continue for 40 days until his death, as described in the Book of Deuteronomy....
Aha! Does this not fully explain why I have a primal dislike for hiking, a primal fear of boating, and a primal aversion to long-winded homilies? I believe it does.


  1. This is hysterical, but no boating, you're missing out on so much :)

  2. Moses had something goin' on with the number 40. LOL. Wow, his speech went on for 40 days?????

  3. 1) When my little brother needed a permission slip to go sky diving, my father wrote, "What kind of a nice Jewish boy jumps out of planes?"

    2) See p. 67-8 in The Catholic Home about the fixation on forty. Kinda makes you want to go the allegorical interpretation route, eh?


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