Monday, March 24, 2008

Bunnies by a nose...and ears.

Sixty-one folks hippity hopped over here to vote in my "Peeps or Bunnies" poll. Special thanks to sister bloggers who helped herd traffic! Results:

Chocolate bunnies easily beat out marshmallow Peeps. Dark chocolate beat milk chocolate by only two votes. Now I'm wishing I had the data to run cross tabs to test my hypothesis that the majority of dark chocolate votes were cast by peri-to-post menopausal women. I knew my doctorate in Sociology would come in handy!

I was relieved that the venerable yellow Peeps dominated, although only by eight votes. I was personally shocked that one dear friend cast her vote in the "any color" category; a cradle Catholic certainly old enough to know better, IMRHO (in my rarely humble opinion).

Last but not least, I'm blown away by the fact that only 16 people noted, in addition to their preference to Peeps or Bunnies, that none of this silliness is why Christ died. Wonder how the numbers crunchers at Pew and CARA would spin this finding.

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