Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anointing the "Cat" in Catholic

The headline for the April 21st New York Times article was absolutely correct, Cat Lovers Appreciate Soul Mate in Vatican. I certainly appreciate the pope's fondness for felines. I think this speaks volumes about his intelligence and sensitivity. No slobbering sycophantic pooches for this pope. Clearly, he realizes that "God" is not "dog" spelled backwards.

Yesterday morning, a gal pal and I chatted about B16's affinity for cats. She's distressed that he didn't move his kitties with him. "If I were pope, I would not leave my cats behind," she said. I'm not as disturbed by this, trusting that B16's decision was made after prayerful discernment. What do we know? Maybe there are more mice at the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith than at the Apostolic Palace.

At least the pope bothered to think it through. Let us remember, shall we, that Bill and Hillary Clinton schlepped poor Socks from the governor's mansion to the White House. They went dog after one term in office, something that also speaks volumes.


  1. LOL! I can't decide if your meme was funnier, or the cat one...but the kitten heels...

    OK...I am dabbing the tears from my eyes and will now attempt to get some work done...

    glad you are blogging today...I needed a good laugh...

  2. Yes, I am quite pleased with the kitten heels epiphany. Come Holy Spirit!


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