Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Author's Life: Nourishment (V)

You might not think that sitting in front of a computer screen is hard, hunger-generating work but it's all that and more.

For me, book writing generates a snack-a-thon of major proportions and so for this latest endeavor, I've been fixated on three major food groups: salty, crunchy, and carbonated.

When I worked in and wrote for the holistic health industry, I learned to appreciate the body's wisdom. I learned to honor food cravings. So what if I'm craving salami, Cheez Doodles, and Diet Cream Soda instead tofu, carrots, and kuchika tea? Craving = body wisdom.

Now I'll admit to feeling a wee bit guilty, not to mention bloated, but the writing has been going relatively well -- considering it's book writing -- and I don't want to mess with that by switching to leafy greens and lean meat.

Plus, I'm observing portion control by getting small bags of the Doodles. The label on the cream soda explains that it has "no nutritional value" which, as far as I am concerned, means it's benign. Gornish mit gornish, so to speak. The salami? What can I say? I'm writing about how Christians need to be more educated about Judaism's legacy.

Pathetic? I'll be sorry? You'd think so. But I had blood work done two days ago and someone from my doctor's office called to say, "Your blood work looks great! Your cholesterol is very low!! Keep doing what you're doing!!!"

I know. I hate me, too.

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