Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do you celebrate your Baptismday?

My Baptismday is December 30th and I'm planning to make a big deal out of it this year, albeit in the quiet privacy of my own home. This anniversary feels significant and I, of course, have some theories about why.

First, I'm in the throes of writing about baptism for my new book, Why is There a Menorah on the Altar? Jewish Roots of Christian Worship. That chapter includes a brief personal recollection of the event, so it's top o' whatever mind I have left.

But it also feels like something else is going on; something deeper and broader. These days I'm keenly aware of interacting more ecumenically and it's expanding my felt sense of being Christian. And where might I be having illuminating conversations with Christians who are not Catholic? On Twitter. No joke!

Here, I simply want to announce my Baptismday. According to my own great advice in The Catholic Home, I'll be eating lots of white food and contemplating seashells. Maybe I'll rummage through my summer wardrobe and haul out something white to wear. You might consider doing the same for your Baptismday when it comes around.

Meanwhile, you can help celebrate mine by suggesting a Baptismal name -- for me. I didn't receive or choose one at the time, possibly because I wasn't baptized in the Catholic church. Shocked? Repeat after me from The Creed, "We acknowledge one Baptism..."


  1. Ah, I was baptised 2 times. Methodist and then a conditional baptism in the Catholic Church. I don't have a baptismal. But ! I do have a confirmation name ! What's yours? Mine is St. Julia. Why? Because John Lennon's mother's name was Julia. Ya, a lot of thought went into that one! But, you have a great idea and very much worth a party.

  2. My personal favorite is when nuns have male names like Sister Joseph. For you? I'd suggest something like "Bob." That would be a baptismal name you'd never forget.


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