Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ok, time for something different, like some fun!

You Are a Post-it
You have a good memory.Your memory is so good, in fact, that it can be down right annoying at times.(So I've been told.)

You don't mean to nag, but you like to remind people what they're supposed to be doing.
(Actually, I do mean to nag.)

You may be a bit of a pest, but you're awfully cute. So no one minds it all too much when you pop up.
(Some people learn to appreciate my...stuff.)

You would make a good manager, salesperson or attorney. You can cram a lot of info into that head of yours.

What Office Supply Are You?

Thanks, Ironic Catholic, for the spiritual direction. Behold the fruit of your retreat.


  1. Stapler?
    I don’t feel I have any of the qualities of the stapler.

    My subconscience must be at work here. I’m sitting here staring at a stapler I borrowed from the office but haven’t brought back in over 2 years? Mmmmm…

  2. I'm a Whiteboard! LOL

    I'm a dreamer, a visionary, and a straight up idea person (ideas no one ever wants to really hear). I am very creative...also a pain in the arse to many. Even if the things I think up are a bit wachy, they are often brilliant. eh??

    I am an adept problem solver (other people's problems). I am always tossing around dozens of ideas. I would make a good artist (I think so too!), designer, or architect. I do best when work feels like play...oh now that is spot on!

  3. Barb: Wait until there's an amnesty program.

    Memoriadei: Sounds accurate for what I know about you!

  4. I'm a Calculator (Yep, that's me :-)

    No matter what someone tells you, you're likely to focus on facts and data.
    You're a highly analytic person. You are only concerned with what you can know for sure.

    You look at situations objectively, and you have no problem approaching problems from multiple angles.
    You would make a good analyst or investment banker. You are confident enough to make tough calls and hard decisions.

  5. Just realize that any non-yellow Post-It Note is heretical in my book. Purple? Green? Orange? Call me a Post-It purist but these should be outlawed. Along with those square hamburgers at Wendy's...


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