Monday, September 14, 2009

My High School Reunion: Planning Mode

The Tenafly High School Class of How-Did-We-Get-So-Old Reunion isn't for another three weeks. Still, tonight seemed like a good time to get more organized for this blessed once-a-decade event.

More specifically, I checked out the schedule for Friday night Shabbat services at Temple Sinai, the synagogue I attended from 4th grade through high school. Services begin at 7:30 PM. w00t. Depending on the Torah portion and drasha, I might stay for the oneg. After that, I'll return to my hotel room and curl up in the fetal position -- if I don't check into Englewood Hospital.

If I get it together early enough, I could probably squeeze in a visit to the Franciscan Convent (up the block from my old house) en route to Saturday's brunch. I'll probably go to the public library while everyone else is feigning interest in high school football (Go Tigers!). Or, maybe I'll wander around town instead of studying and getting lousy grades anyway. Maybe there's a nail salon in Tenafly? I know there's a mikvah.

My big plan is to end up at Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the 5:00 Vigil Mass. Depending on the Gospel reading and homily, I might proudly skulk out after receiving Communion instead of waiting for the dismissal hymn. After that, I'll return to my hotel room and breathe into a little brown bag for a bit -- if I don't check into Englewood Hospital. In fact, I'm sure I'll make it back to the hotel. Wouldn't want to miss the evening's festivities!


  1. I know there is a mikvah. Oh Meredith, you have more than a little of the tummler in you, and that is said by someone who loves the tummler!

    I can't wait to hear how this goes. Look at you, you are amazing. They should be kvelling to have such a luminous person at the reunion.

    Yes! I mean you!!

    Honestly, I can't tell you how much I enjoy the ease with with your Yiddische self and your Catholische self moves back and forth with such true grace. And humor.

    You remind me of the Heschel quote, not immediately at hand but to the effect of being alive is to be holy.

  2. You might try attending parts of the reunion. They can be very humbling at times. And there are plenty of opportunities to thank God for your situations.
    "Lord I pray for those members of my class that have passed from this life, my they find peace in your kingdom, and may I be blessed to continue to do your work" Amen

  3. Fran: Trust me, I am the "least of these." My class is filled with luminaries from the arts and the sciences; no shortage of talent and humor in our graduating class.

  4. Barbara: I've had the good sense and privilege to attend every one of our class reunions and learned lots every single time. Not to worry: the only thing I'm skipping is the football game -- unless I'm invited to join the marching band.

  5. For crying out loud.... polish up the flute!! Even I'll drive to Tenafly for that!


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