Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now in Print: Why Is There a Menorah on the Altar? Jewish Roots of Christian Worship

In print at last! In print at last!
Thank God Almighty,
my new book is in print at last!

For a while, I thought I'd have a much better chance of seeing Jesus come again in glory, but a carton filled with printed copies of Why Is There a Menorah on the Altar? was at long last delivered by UPS earlier this week.

Of course, the snafus continue, latest one being's persistent belief that "this title has not yet been released." I've asked the publisher to look into it, as well as authorize (note ironic word use) the "Look in the Book" function. We'll see how long that takes, meanwhile I hope you will:
  • order my book by clicking through to from the Shelfari widget on this blog.
  • post a favorable review directly on the page for this book.
  • encourage adult faith formation folks in your church to use my book as foundation for discussions about Judaism's enduring legacy. I wrote this book for Christians who worship at "high liturgy" churches.
  • contact me directly (as someone already has) with your personal concerns about the ecumenical turn my work and life seem to be taking.
And now, I think I'll go sit on my front stoop to wait for Jesus and Elijah.


  1. Taking my copy with me to read as I travel this weekend...

  2. Mazeltov! Er, Alleluia! How about Mazelluia!

  3. Can't wait to get a copy - it looks great!!


  4. Congratulations friend!! And yes, I'd love a review copy :))) It's beautiful!

  5. Congratulations!!!
    I just ordered a copy. I wanted to be the first resident of my Iraq trailer park to get a copy.
    Will you be doing any war zone book signings???

  6. Congratulation, I can almost fell your excitement and probably relieve! All's well that ends well, no?

    Liturgy of the Hours

  7. I got a copy as soon as it came out. I am loving it! I am currently taking a Hebrew Scripture course and it is a perfect compliment to it. I love your sense of humor throughout the book, as well. I will be recommending it to friends! I have been waiting for a readable book on this topic for a long time.

  8. Thanks, Brittany, for noticing and appreciating the humor! I've been called on it over the years by people who, poor things, were born without funny bones.

    Would appreciate it if you (and anyone else with positive feedback) would also post your comments on the amazon page for this book. Readers' reviews do make a difference.

    Many thanks!!

  9. Hi Meredith:

    We recently got a review copy of your book, and I really liked it, recommending it to a couple of other editors as well.

    Don't know if you know U.S. Catholic magazine, but your down-to-earth writing style and sense of humor would fit well in our pages. You might want to take a look at our writer's guidelines, .

    You might also be interested in, and perhaps would want to link to, "Sensitivity training," our recent interview with Rabbi Ruth Langer: .

    Best wishes,
    Meinrad Scherer-Emunds

  10. I would be more than happy to do an amazon review! Best of luck with your other projects... and regarding the sense of humor: we have a great grandmother who is Jewish and the culinary and funny bone was inherited through the generations. :) Nothing is more delicious than well made latkes!


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