Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The vet returns, this time for Thelma.

"Please don't call me for awhile," said the veterinarian as she left with Thelma's body cradled in her arms.

I don't yet have the energy to clean up the bathroom where Thelma had to be sequestered for the night. Nor do I have the energy to put away extra kitty bowls. All I want to do is write and eat chocolate. I know Thelma would meow "amen" to that.

In the late 1990s, Thelma was featured in an article about pets because of her remarkable paws-on healing ministry. No joke, during flare-ups of my fibromyalgia, she'd gently knead my trapezius muscles. She'd drape herself across my chest if I'd been crying.

Thelma hurled up bloody bile the evening Itty Bit died nearly two months ago and was tested the next week. Although there were treatment options, Thelma was not keen on any of them. During a consult with animal whisperer, Dawn Allen, Thelma could not have been more clear about her end-of-life preferences. Louise could not have been more clear about wanting more wet food on the menu.

So I bought wet food for Louise and let Thelma be Thelma, which she promptly proved to be by slaughtering her first, only, and last chipmunk of the summer season and leaving the carcass on the deck for me to admire. Her health declined rapidly after her last stand as a Warrior Tabby

Today, we said our goodbyes for this lifetime. Since Thelma was on my desk, the veterinarian administered sedation there. I don't know about Thelma, but both the vet and I noticed she was curled up over a copy of the Julian of Norwich icon created by Robert Lentz.


  1. Oh Meredith. Oh I am so very sorry indeed. Peace and prayers to you my friend, so many prayers.


  2. Meredith,
    *Hugs* and condolences... and peace. "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth..."

  3. Requiem in pacem, Thelma. Julian of Norwich, good choice!

    heart with you, Meredith!

  4. I am so sorry to read of Thelma's passing. Each cat is a special expression of God's love and I know you will always treasure her memory. Prayers for you from me and my four cats.

  5. OK, so yes, of course I'm sorry to learn of yet another feline death in the Gould household. But wait! Meredith, do you not see what I see? YOU LOOK LIKE THE ICON PAINTING OF ST JULIAN OF NORWICH that you posted! I'm totally freaked out. No one really looks like those paintings! Dust off your brushes and paints and get to work.... you can paint one of these with your cat(s) in it!
    (Iconographer's license!)

  6. Uh...you're right about the Julian of Norwich icon. Beyond weird, especially because I've characterized myself as Julian of Norwich goes suburban. And btw, I think I know who you are, Anonymous, but your use of CAPS!!

  7. Meredith, no cat was more loved or had a better life than Thelma. You were with her, with respect and love, every inch of the way--even in her final moments. I know that she will be very missed and grief is never easy. Giving you a huge hug-

  8. I am sorry to read this, and for my first comment to be on such a sad post. But I too love that icon - it's on my desk by the router as I type this - and having lost an old feline friend just this spring, I do feel for you... Thelma was beautiful, from her picture!

  9. Meredith, I just learned of your blog from Fran's Let There Be Bread.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. May the days ahead bring consolation.

    And thanks for publishing Fran's work. I find her blog marvelous and am looking forward to reading yours, now that I know of it.


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