Friday, November 27, 2009

Building the Set for Advent

When does something become a family tradition? And what, pray tell, constitutes a family? I caught myself pondering this while rummaging around in the basement for Advent decorations. (Advent and the new liturgical year begin tomorrow evening.)

It should come as absolutely no surprise that I keep seasonal d├ęcor neatly packed in large plastic bins. Nor should it come as any surprise that these large plastic bins are neatly labeled. Nature or nurture? I grew up in a home with label guns, so I'm guessing both. Still, I could not locate the Advent wreath.

I did unearth the stash of star and angel ornaments I start hanging throughout The Hermitage during the first week of Advent. Could not find any of the Three Kings, God only knows where they're lurking. Found kitty bowls and had a mini-weep at the thought of a Christmas without Itty Bit and Thelma conspiring to topple the tree. Found purple and pink candles.

The wreath? Didn't I put it back where I could not find it last year? Yes! Found it under the Advent kitchen towels and place mats. I had a mini-laugh realizing this is exactly how family traditions emerge. As for family, I favor definitions flexible enough to include friends, animal companions, and the comforting cloud of witnesses.


  1. Dear CC:
    Is it because I used the word, "building"?!?

  2. Anyone who has a separate box labeled "Advent Decorations" ROCKS!

  3. I'm with you on the chaos of decorating. But from one who has visited The Hermitage, I would like to know a few details not included in this blog....
    1) Are the Christmas tree lights working?
    2) Do "we" still need to have a paper mache (all be it cute) cat in the fireplace? Notice to readers: the fireplace doesn't get lit so the cat is safe! Brits: No Guy- Fawkes-like effigies here!
    3) I'm OK with the Advent Wreath being fake, but how would you feel about a real pine front door wreath? I'm offering to make one for you.
    4) How are you set for candles? I will be making a candle run soon.

    God Bless You and your spirit of Christmas.

    PS I know the priest of whom you speak... and if he were a tad younger he'd say this with his lovely smile holding your hand in his warm hands, "CHILL, Meredith. God's got it!"


  4. Darling JLC,
    1) Haven't assembled the Christmas tree so don't know if lights are working. I've considered skipping it this year, truly because I don't think I can stand to see it without Thelma hunkered underneath.

    2) The cat is still in the fireplace but I considering returning the innards and burning...something.

    3) Thanks but no to the wreath on the door. I'd rather have a balsam candle so I can have that lovely fragrance wafting through The Hermitage.



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