Sunday, November 15, 2009

While blogging at . .

I spent the past week blogging over at and learned a lot. Like what?

Like even though I write every day, there's a reason why I don't blog daily. It's the same reason why I never aspired to work on a daily newspaper or a weekly magazine. Those venues require very fast thinking and writing. Yipes!

Even more importantly, I learned more about what a difference a cohort makes.

Last week plunged me into the world of Generation X but mostly Generation Y Jews who do indeed seem to be more culturally tolerant than Jews of my generation. An entire world of "Funny, you don't look Jewish" Borscht Belt shtick is lost on them. This might be a good thing for interfaith relations; something I need to think about more and more carefully.

My posts were intended to work as stand-alone pieces, but if you read them in order, I hope you'll see the dawn's early light emerging in my skull mush:

"My Own Private Exodus" (Wednesday, 11/11)
"Multiple Spirituality Disorder" (Thursday, 11/12)
"The Hebrew Word for 'Holy'" (Friday, 11/13)

Again, I invite you to spend more time at That's my plan!

Next up: I have something to say about the GAP boycott called for by the American Family Association.

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