Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Life As a Personal Aide: Job Security Again

Was she trying, yet again, to tell me something? Last December, I worried about my job security as Ruth's personal aide because she posted something on her blog about robots. Turned out I needn't have worried because my ability to make extraordinary sandwiches is. . . extraordinary.

Not only have I come up with great combos over the past six years, but I'm able to make extraordinary ADA-compliant sandwiches without having been taught how by the State of New Jersey. I've been very proud of my sandwich competency. Maybe too proud? Is this what Ruth was trying to convey this year?

"[Anonymous] brought over tuna sandwiches."

An angel winged her way into Ruth's life after my public meltdown about our desperate need for back up help.

"Her tuna sandwiches were really great."

"Oh really? Better than mine?"

I hate myself for asking.

"Hers had celery."

Being a personal aide can be so extraordinarily humbling at times.


  1. No, *you* are. Oh, wait. You're not extraordinary, you're an inspiration!

  2. So you two can gush over each other all you want... all I want to know is who's the chick who brings over great tuna sandwiches and how do I get on the delivery route or get the recipe?


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