Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day! Let There Be Snacks.

A chicken is roasting in the oven, but that's not why I went food shopping yesterday afternoon.

The weather forecasters predicted a huge snowfall, something folks on Twitter were tagging as #snowpocalypse. Having lived in Rochester, New York and then central Massachusetts, I'm rarely moved by weather-generated hysteria. I've seen real snow. Heck, I've even driven in it without 4-wheel drive. Not around here, of course.

Here in Suburban Captivity, everyone freaks out whether one inch or three feet of snow are predicted. Here, everyone heads for the stupormarket to stock up for the big storm. What do they jam the parking lot, clog the aisles, and choke the checkout lines to buy? Bread and milk.

Bread. Milk. Why?

Me? I go to the store to load up on items in these essential foods groups: crunchy-salty, dip, dessert, caffeinated soda, and dark chocolate. Being very disciplined, I wait until at least four inches of snow have accumulated before digging into these goodies.

And I never worry about gaining weight because like anything scarfed down in a moving vehicle, snow day snacks do not have calories.


  1. Yes, I came home yesterday with ingredients for 3 hearty pie recipes: Tamale pie, Spinach/feta pie, and Shepherd's pie. Something about snow makes me want to cook!

  2. Me too! Gluten-free brownies are next after I get the chicken out of the oven.

  3. I battled long lines yesterday to 'stock up' on $16 worth of groceries. I am pleased to report that none of it was healthy, except for the green tea (my sole source of caffeine).

    I bought one roll of toilet paper, a small thing of laundry detergent, cat food, dog food, cookies, and two chocolate bars.

    I'm good.

  4. I like your style! Greetings from Massachusetts, where, surprisingly, we are NOT getting snow today

  5. I was going to write about how snow days are the only Sabbath we have anymore but it's been awhile since I blogged anything I thought I should save it for my blog and not shoot my wad here :-)

  6. You lived in Rochester? When? I lived there a long time ago, from 1981 to early 1986. We will talk!

    We have no snow up here in Smalbania - it is very weird. We have an inch or so of old snow on the ground, that is it.


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