Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lenten Practice: Approaching Laetare Sunday

How is my life shaped by saying, "Jesus is Christ"?

Rose-colored vestments coming up this Sunday and the opening antiphon: "Rejoice, Jerusalem!"

Love the joy. Believe the joy. Embrace the promises. Still, Lent always becomes more complicated for me at this point. It will become more so during Holy Week.

I don't give a blooming-or-not fig tree about earthbound debates among clerics. I believe "the Old Covenant has never been revoked" (CCC 121) and much weeping remains in and for Jerusalem.


  1. Oh this is a wonderful picture. It reminds me of a prayer group I belonged to back in the 70s. We called ourselves "Both Feet" because that was the last the apostles saw of Jesus, and how we were jumping into life with Christ.


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