Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lenten Practice: Approaching Palm Sunday

How is my life shaped by saying,
"Jesus is Christ"?

As we approach Holy Week, this question is a powerful reminder. If Jesus is the Christ, then death is conquered.

In the parlance of today: death is so not a prob. As Christ, Jesus reminds me to embrace faith as the antidote to my fear du jour.

Through the window, I see daffodils blooming, grass turning green; watch robins wrestling with worms. Friends call to talk. Email and instant messages pop up on my screen. I will have soup for lunch. Tonight, I'll have the option of praying Compline in a church or via Twitter. Perhaps, I will do both. Jesus is Christ and the point of worrying is...what?


  1. "And the point of worrying is... what?"

    Oh thank you.

  2. Fran: Feel like a bit of a traitor to my heritage renouncing worrying!

  3. I know what you mean. As for me, I renounce worrying a lot. Then I resume doing so.


    (having problems posting a comment... this may appear several times in different variations.)


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