Friday, August 27, 2010

Fuzzy Cross -- trademarked, no less!

Yeah, I know, I should probably be ashamed of myself or filled with the kind of self-loathing that should be confessed, but I like this "plush, collectable [sic] cross available in a number of patterns and colors." I especially like that it comes in pink.

Through the ongoing miracle that is Twitter, I discovered Fuzzy Cross (TM)* when an elder in the Presbyterian church posted it earlier today as an example of something...wrong.

But then, after making a case (in 140 characters) for so-bad-it's-good kitsch, she came over to the fuzzy side ─ but only for crosses. My dear sister in Christ (and Twitter) thinks fuzzy dice are "overdone."

Me? I'm easily captivated by this stuff and stopped everything to tour the website.

I could not agree more that fuzzy crosses would be "great for accessorizing your vehicle." So much safer than rosary beads which, if not well hung from the rear view mirror, practically guarantee a St. Lucy experience for reckless drivers.

*TM = trademark not Transcendental Meditation (in this instance)


  1. Haha - nice. I'm still not letting @fuzzycross follow me, though. Too much plush. :) megateer

  2. Kitsch heaven. Perhaps after I'm purified of snobbishness, I'll come around. But for now, I'll pass.

    Besides, I think I'd keep forgetting it was plush and start sucking on it like a piece of candy.

  3. Do they make fuzzy thuribles? I'm in the market for one I can cuddle with at night. But please don't tell Bryna.


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