Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saying "Yes" to Jesus

Over at People for Others, my friend Paul Brian Campbell, SJ has asked readers, "When you say 'yes' to Jesus, to what are you saying 'yes'?" While he probably didn't intend it as a meme, I'm going to treat it as such but first, some background.

"To what are you saying 'yes'?" emerged as an in-house conversation at Loyola Press. I'm not surprised because I was privileged to visit there earlier this month.

Believe me, "a Jesuit ministry" isn't just a snappy tag-line for these folks. The culture of Ignatian Spirituality in general and the Examen in particular is present ─ fully and really.

I was keenly aware of how the ability and willingness to prayerfully consider God's presence in all things is the ground of being at Loyola Press. Pretty H.S. impressive, especially since I was there to discuss social media tools and techniques.

Now, back to what it means to say "yes" to Jesus...

At People for Others I briefly commented how, for me, it has meant going into free fall but not really, because I always know there's a net.* This, dear readers, is a post facto explanation.

Truth to tell, saying yes to Jesus was a moment of clarity in a murky kind of way because I had no clue what saying yes would mean. I said yes because I'd already said no for many years and, having reached the end of my rope, I finally let go.

I had no clue that saying yes would involve saying yes to a way of life, a commitment to community, lots of angst over religious expression(s), and a deeper appreciation of my Judaism. All this has emerged over time with no end in sight. And yes, thanks be to God.

*That would be "net" as in fall protection, not Internet!


  1. Thanks for this Meredith. I will always be thanking you for introducing me to Paul and to People for Others in the first place. I'm glad that I said yes to you and to this beautiful online community we are part of.

    I love your image of free fall... It is so true.

  2. Beautiful post. I think we say yes to a lot of things in life without fully realizing what we're getting ourselves into. Faith is the same way-ever unfolding. Life might just be about letting go, finding Him strong enough to keep us and His divine willingness to do just that-perfectly.

    Yes, yes, every day, every moment yes!

  3. Brenda: Does that include "yes" to cooking and laundry?!?

  4. Cooking and laundry and Jesus??? No, that doesn't seem right in the same sentence. Just yes to Jesus......and take out.

  5. Meredith,

    Here I sit by the pool in Indian Wells, CA, (Yes, it's a tough life on the Missions!), blushing like crazy over the wonderful things you had to say about Loyola Press.

    I think we're pretty special (obviously) but am always chuffed (my British/Irish background showing through) when someone from outside the company spots it.

    Thank you for your friendship, help and support. May 2011 be a banner year for us both.

  6. Nice post - and I still don't really think I like the results of saying Yes. I don't know if it is middle-age or what, but it seems like "yes" just means a whole heap of stuff I dont' feel like sorting through anymore...

    I supposed I am long past due for another of our heart to hearts...

    Keep up the great work!


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