Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: When I Was Four

Here's me, age four, in my Easter outfit. I'm not the kid looking at the camera; that's Georgia Bresnahan.

I'm clearly preoccupied (and amused) by something else. Did I have any "issues" about my Easter basket being smaller than Georgie's? Probably not, because it has never come up during psychotherapy. I have, however, spent lots of time and money over the years discussing my Jewish Italian Irish Catholic childhood. Wouldn't you?

Please note: My outfit includes a proper hat, wristlet gloves, handbag, anklets, and Mary Jane shoes. I'm probably wearing at least one crinoline petticoat.


  1. I'm not sure but that smile on your face seems to say that perhaps you've spotted the 'Easter Bunny'

  2. LOL - my husband and I were cracking up. He has two sisters and my sister and I WERE dressed like that. Add the hat with the daisy on the brim and then the white streamers off the back and we're golden. Loved Easter Sunday - still do! BTW - I STILL wear Mary Jane's.

  3. Andie: That look could be about chocolate or looking into my future and seeing the Risen Lord?

    Brenda: Ah yes, the hats (boaters) with long streamers. I'm all for bringing back gloves, btw.

  4. mmmm, I love this photo. It speaks volumes!

  5. I hated that darn elastic under the chin. It was never long enough for my face.


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