Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Powerless Over...Cats

Ah the human capacity to forget pain ─ or at least have it lessen over time. In this instance I'm referring to emotional pain.

Lately, I've been thinking about letting a cat adopt me. Astonishing.* Until very recently, I could not imagine opening my heart to another kitty because the grief of losing Thelma, Louise and Itty Bit still seems so fresh.

But here I am, suddenly finding myself wandering around on Petfinder when I should being doing other things; wondering where to jam a litter pan in my apartment; worrying a bit about finding a cat who is generous enough to love me and my fiancé.

Wait...what? Fiancé?

If you don't already know about my impending nuptials, then you obviously don't follow me on Twitter or read status changes posted on Facebook. Not to worry. I'll soon be posting stories about this great adventure. But back to the cat. Because of the clerical garb situation, I'm thinking the cat should probably be black. 

My nephew, Riley

* Okay, maybe not so astonishing, given the fact that Ruth has been cute-bombing me with pictures of and stories about Riley.


  1. wait...what? fiance? i don't do twitter and you never asked me to be your facebook friend and i'm wondering if that was who(m) you were sitting with last sunday in the center aisle (well, in the pew by the center aisle) and so now i'll have to remember to check your blog regularly. please don't leave us in suspense. this is exciting news. congratulations!

  2. Until very recently, I could not imagine opening my heart to another kitty because the grief of losing Thelma, Louise and Itty Bit still seems so fresh.

    Oh, for goodness sake! There's a cat out there who needs a future and you are putting off meeting him/her because you cling to the past. Go and meet your new friend immediately and stop all this prevaricating.

  3. Oh MP...you are so so right and I LOVE that you used the grown-up, upscale word "prevaricating."

  4. That's okay, Meredith. I was a bit worried that I had been over harsh on you. But we all need a gentle slap round the face from time to time. At least, that is the explanation my wife always gives me :-)

  5. Don't worry about finding a cat, Meredith... in my experience, they always find YOU!

  6. Sue: don't they just! But I'm on the 10th floor of an apartment building, so the likelihood of anyone prancing down the hall is minimal, although I did meet some cool Bengal kittens in the laundry room. They had a human in tow, though.

    Methinks we'll head on over to BARCS or Petsmart and see who tries to leap through the cages. Thelma, I've decided, should enjoy her well-earned bliss. After all, *I* sure wouldn't wanna come back!!

  7. You could build a ramp up to your window.

  8. No, no, not the PetSmart. Try the Humane Society.

    And oooh-la-la on the upcoming nuptials! Twitter is beyond me so I'm out of the loop, but still happy to celebrate!

  9. Our local PetSmart has animals for adoption from local shelters! But we're also going directly to the shelters to see who picks us up.

  10. Aha. I found you. :)

    I wont comment on the cat since I am a dog lover but I did catch the "fiancé".

    Congratulations Meredith. :)


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