Friday, May 20, 2011

Quote du Jour (Spirituality Department)

Although I do most of my magazine reading online (mea culpa), I still have a print subscription to America. I rarely read them "on time" which, if you ask me, is part of the enduring beauty of subscribing to the print version of a news magazine.

Here's a wonderful quote from an article about theater and the spirituality therein that appeared in the May 2-9, 2011 issue of America:

Theater's spirituality is contained in its very essence, and I understand that essence in a deeply Christian way. In simple terms, theater is an arena where narrative is incarnated. When a story is made flesh before us on stage, by actual people with whom we share breathing space, it is no longer just information, mere plot points. It is metaphor which the sweat and spit of life in it, and that makes all the difference.

─ Rob Weinert-Kendt


  1. Hmmm.... and it is The Incarnation that makes all the difference, isn't it? Great quote Meredith.

  2. A fine quote, indeed. It invites me to reflect on worship, as a form of theatre, and the differences between worship with incarnational integrity vs. worship as entertainment, aimed at arousing emotion rather than satisfying spiritual hunger.
    Thank you,


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