Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mozart, Now Providing Daytime Inspiration!

My desktop is back to normal.

Gee, I wasn't like this before, at least I don't think I was . . ."this" referring to being one of Those People who incessantly post pet pictures to Facebook and Twitter.

I certainly didn't foist pictures of Thelma, Louise and Itty Bit on just anyone. I generally waited to be asked for pics of my furry darlings, a request that usually came from other cat loonies lovers.

No view? No problem.
But now, Mozart has arrived on the scene and I've decided it's time to (re)embrace my not-so-inner Crazy Cat Lady. 

Not to worry, this isn't morphing into a blog about my cat. I'm not that far gone. Yet.

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  1. Mozart is stunning, and I'm glad he can stare out your window without getting dizzy -- I couldn't! When I grow up enough to blog I expect to post the occasional photo of a certain German Shepherd who stares out my study window.


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