Monday, August 22, 2011

I [Heart] My Parish

Here's yet another shocker from me: not only do I read my church's weekly bulletin, but I do not read it during Mass. Usually.

Yesterday, however, I arrived too late to put my pyx with (almost completely) gluten-free Jesus on the altar and so had to stay in my pew during Communion. Yes, I could have gone up for a blessing but I didn't, in part because I became enthralled by what I read on the front page of the bulletin. And re-read several times.

For whatever reason -- which I'm choosing to peg as the Holy Spirit -- I finally noticed this and, once again, felt a rush of gratitude for the privilege of worshiping at the Catholic Community of Saint Ignatius, the Jesuit Church in Baltimore:

Whether you are... active or inactive Catholic
...struggling with church teachings
or at peace with her doctrines
...firmly grounded in your spiritual life
or seeking new paths in your sense of self-esteem
or struggling with the labels
others have put on you,
You are welcome at St. Ignatius.


  1. That is beautiful. May we all be that welcoming and understanding in all places. . . especially church.

  2. I second (third?) what Meredith and Brenda write, and add that, to me, it says faith and doubt are not mutually exclusive.


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