Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quote du Jour (Religion Department)

Does anyone not know I'm getting married in November? And you do know I'm marrying an Episcopal priest, right?

I mention this at the top of a QOTD post because our marriage prep has included general conversations about ecumenical marriage and a few about why I am and will remain Roman Catholic.

Once again, I have found soulish nourishment in America magazine (July 18-25, 2011).  These quotes are from Cynthia Reville Peabody's essay, "Staying Power: What Keeps Women in the Church?"

More and more I think the time is long past due for us Catholic women to have a conversation among ourselves about what keeps us in the church and what we can pass on to our younger sisters in faith. I am not suggesting a confrontation, mind you -- since confrontations are exhausting and often end in divisive misunderstanding -- but a conversation.

Perhaps becoming more aware of each other’s work could instill a pride powerful enough to dispel despair and keep more of us in the faith. Certainly sharing each other’s exhaustion, exhilaration and confusion is more necessary now than ever....

We can continually rebuild each other as we are rebuilding the church we long for. Let us make a point of asking each other, “Why do you stay?” And then let us listen without judgment or cynicism and with compassion and understanding.

─ Cynthia Reville Peabody