Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quote du Jour (Religion Department)

Can I get through a week without being in the presence of Curia craziness? Apparently not. Today's quote is selected from the opening paragraph of Gary Wills' piece, "Bullying the Nuns" on today's NYRBlog.

I'm keeping up with this latest WTF event by subscribing to SistersNews.net, which is curating news and commentary from all perspectives. It's balanced. I, currently, am not.

The Vatican has issued a harsh statement claiming that American nuns do not follow their bishops’ thinking. That statement is profoundly true. Thank God, they don’t. Nuns have always had a different set of priorities from that of bishops. The bishops are interested in power. The nuns are interested in the powerless. Nuns have preserved Gospel values while bishops have been perverting them. 
─  Garry Wills