Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anything but Sleepless in Seattle

When I finally sat down to do the calculations, I discovered it has been well over two decades since I visited Seattle. Really and truly seems like only yesterday that I inhaled glorious views of the Cascades. I guess I've never fully exhaled those images of God made visible.

My summer in Emerald City during the late 1970s included preparing for the oral exams required before full entry into NYU's doctoral program. I returned during the late 1980s because the National Pest Control Association held its annual convention here, and I had the pest control account. Ah memories.

Now, I've returned to deliver workshops and facilitate conversations about using social media tools to support church and faith. I'm also providing real-time critiques of websites and social media accounts for those (smart) brave souls willing to be coached in front of the entire room.

What started out as an invite to present workshops at the ELCA Southwestern Washington Synod Assembly, morphed into a week that includes sponsorship by the Pacific Northwest Conference (Seattle) of the United Methodist Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. Count on reading more, either here or over on the #ChSocM blog, about why I'm fiercely committed to working ecumenically.

If you're on Twitter and want to follow tweets from these workshops, the hashtag is: #pnwchsocm.