Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quote du Jour (Religion Department)

If I had energy and time, I'd do a comprehensive review of the Catholic blogosphere (Right, Left, and Center) to see who posted which quote(s) from Sr. Pat Farrell's presidential address to the 2012 LCWR Assembly. I have neither the energy nor the time, but I'd love to know how many highlighted this magnificent example of rueful ironic understatement:

There is an inherent existential tension between the complementary roles of hierarchy and religious which is not likely to change.

In an ideal ecclesial world, the different roles are held in creative tension, with mutual respect and appreciation, in an environment of open dialogue, for the building up for the whole Church. The doctrinal assessment [of the CDF) suggests that we are not currently living in an ideal ecclesial world.

─  Pat Farrell, OSF