Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Review: The Stephanies by Kevin D. Hendricks and Lexi Hendricks

The Stephanies
The Stephanies 
Paperback, $11.99
by Kevin D. Hendricks and Lexi Hendricks

The Stephanies is a delightful little book written by 6-year-old Lexi and her I-don't-know-how-old father, Kevin D. Hendricks. Ms. Hendricks is the illustrator in addition to the book's co-author. The Stephanies is about two little girls who are both named Stephanie!*

Truth to tell, I opened Kevin's email and read his post about this book as a courtesy laced with respect and affection for Kevin's work in the world of church marketing. Imagine my delighted surprise to find myself laughing out loud with sheer joy. Out loud. Laughing. Really!

I was reminded immediately of one of my all-time favorite books, Eloise by Kay Thompson. I keep my hardcover copy nearby and reread Eloise's colloquy with her tutor, Philip whenever I need a lift. I'm imagining I'll be returning to The Stephanies again and again for a similar foray into joy. I'm considering getting a Color-Your-Own version as well and invite you to do likewise.

Note: During November, half the profits for The Stephanies will be going to First Book, which gives books to kids in need.

* No one named a baby "Meredith" during the 1950s and especially not a girl, so I never had to encounter another Meredith until I was well into adulthood. Basically jumped out of my skin the first time I heard a woman yelling, "Meredith!" in a department store. She didn't sound like my mother, but still...