Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can't Make This Up: The Vatican Promotes Latin Studies. Not *that* Latin.

Somehow I missed the big Vatican announcement last Saturday about B16 instituting the Pontifical Academy for Latin Studies.

That would be "Latin" as in the language no one reads, understands or uses, not "Latin" as in appreciating the culture of those Roman Catholics from Central and South America who have not yet fled the church.

Some of the headlines for this latest bit of je ne sais quoi (that's French) from the Vatican: "Vatican promoting Latin studies to put Catholics in touch with their roots."  Had they asked, I would have recommended adding Hebrew to First Holy Communion prep.

As a (clearly too slowly) recovering masochist, I couldn't stop myself from re-reading this kicker from a Reuters release: 
"The new academy's statutes, written of course in Latin, say its goal is to promote both written and spoken Latin through publications, conferences, seminars and performances."  
Performances. Carmina Burana, perhaps?


  1. They are doing this because no one in the Vatican can speak or read Latin anymore, so they have to re-educate folks, so they can read their own documents.

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  3. Meredith, I minored in Latin in university many, many moons ago so perhaps in my retirement I could set up a business teaching Latin to our faithful who have nothing better to do - like helping the homeless, working with St. Vincent de Paul Society, visiting the sick, taking communion to those in hospital, leading youth groups, advocating for those in prison...


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