Friday, December 14, 2012

Exploring Sleep, The Final Frontier

We're going for a sleep study!

Mr. Oatmeal is ready to go!

"Worst night's sleep, ever."

That's what friends report after staggering out, hair filled with goop and skin irritated from a night of attached monitors. Big deal, I always think. How much worse could it possible be?

Guess I'll find out.

A medical doctor told me that I probably hadn't slept for 20 years -- over a decade ago. Even before that, a psychoanalyst helped connect childhood dots that explained not being able -- or not wanting -- to sleep.

I also figured that intervening variables like fibromyalgia and then blessed menopause helped explain my wretched perpetual lack of sleep. Truly, I can sleep for 10-12 hours and wake up exhausted.

Finally, after years of telling everyone else to go get a sleep study, I've scheduled one for myself. And of course I'm taking Mr. Oatmeal with me, but I hope the lab has WiFi.


  1. Meredith dear, no wi-fi. You are supposed to (try to) sleep during a sleep study! I wish I had taken my Mr. Oatmeal-type friend (aka Blankie) with me to my sleep study. For me it was sleep apnea. And yes it can be a crappy night's sleep at the lab, but if they can fix you, it's awesome. I love my CPAP!!!

    (And the curative properties of a blankie or favorite stuffed dog -- or both -- should NEVEr be underestimated! My fluffy blanket travels with me whenever I go to see my dad. It beats "writing in a journal" any time! Although..the journal WOULD be easier to pack...)

  2. I'm hoping they can fix me. I'm willing to wear a CPAP all freakin' day if it helps. Hey! It's a look! And bless you for not using "journal" as a verb. xx

  3. I hope the sleep study went well - i.e., I hope a solution is at hand. But I have to say that I love your comment to Rob "And bless you for not using "journal" as a verb." It is always great to meet another "grammar slammer" as some people refer to me.


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