Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sleep Study Saga Continues

Finishing a book manuscript and Christmas got in the way of reporting about Sleep Study Round Two, but those aren't the only reasons I've waited to write this post. I've needed to calm-the-F-down.

Round Two turned out to be a major freak-out experience -- and not because of the chartreuse sheets. Poly blend, too. But I was so motivated to get fitted for a CPAP machine, I wasn't going let bed not-linens drive me screaming from the room.

Actually, I did not run screaming from the room. Instead, I staggered out around 1:00 AM after being knocked over by a tsunami of unexpected feelings. Poor Tim the Tech. What to do with sobbing-to-the-point-of-hyperventilation me?

"Uh, do you want a tissue?"

Even in the midst of my meltdown I had enough consciousness -- oh please let's call it consciousness -- to take a tissue and let him continue to clutch-hug the tissue box. I managed to choke-whisper, "PTSD."

Ah, memories and hooray for knowing that I really did not need to retrieve and review all of them. Again.

"You gave it a good try," said Tim the Tech. "Some people leave the moment they see the mask."'

That's me! Giving it a good try!! Thanks and screw that, I thought while driving home in my pajamas.

There are very good reasons why I stop breathing and have since around age seven. Can $1100 of durable medical equipment fix that? We'll see. I've scheduled a chat with the doctor who went ahead and prescribed a CPAP anyway.

The sheets? Bilious.

Tim the Tech