Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Support Marriage Equality but My Profile Picture Will Not Go Red

I support marriage equality but won't be changing my profile picture on Twitter or Facebook. Call me shallow, but my decision has to do with aesthetics. 

Red and pink?!? Even if you call it "crimson and salmon," it's still ugly. I shudder to think (or dare articulate) what the pink might represent. 

Everyone is so darn sensitive these days, I can't even bust out one-liners that would've been perfectly fine back in the 1970s when I was a gay activist.I mourn those days of smart snark when only the most doctrinaire radical separatist lesbian feminists got easily offended about anything having to do with sex, gender, or sexuality. Everyone else was Free to Trash You and Me.

Outraged offense is so revoltingly mainstream these days that I nearly wept with gratitude when I saw this: 

*That's right, I was a gay activist. Yes, my husband knows about this.