Monday, March 18, 2013

Life as a Clergy Wife: "We Have a Pope" Movie Night!

So, how did we relax at the end of a week that included the election of Pope Francis? We went to the movies in the cozy confines of my husband's Rumpus Room.

This is what I call the first floor Sanctus Sanctorum in which the big but not-too-big flat screen television is located as well as sermonating resources that include but are not limited to gazillion volumes of Feasting On The Word.

And what, pray tell, did we watch? By unanimous vote, my former Roman Catholic and current Episcopal priest husband and I watched: "We Have a Pope," a 2011 Italian drama-comedy (yes, hold those two concepts in your head simultaneously) about a cardinal who is dismayed to have been elected pope.

Against the background of this week's events, "We Have a Pope" seemed more prophetic and poignant than director Nanni Moretti probably intended.

Here, I'm thinking especially about reports about Pope Francis opting out of the ermine cape and purportedly saying, "You put it on instead. Carnival time is over!" and his comments about the papal apartments being a bit much. In this movie, the expressive face of the reluctant pontiff speaks volumes; no dialogue necessary. We, of course, had lots to say about the movie which staved off my husband's sermon prep for another hour.

Don't we get enough of this stuff? Apparently not.


* Great dowry or what?!?