Thursday, May 23, 2013

When Thursday Feels Like Friday

This is possibly the third week in a row Thursday has felt like Friday. Maybe it's because I generally work at least one full day on weekends and front-load Mondays and Tuesdays. By Thursday I'm basically done -- as in "turkeys are done, people are finished."

Around here, Monday is Clergy Day Off but that doesn't stop me from racing around. I tend to spend Tuesdays dealing with whatever suddenly occurred to clients over the weekend. I end the day either attending or moderating the church social media (#chsocm) chat on Twitter. Wednesdays I follow-up whatever got generated. Is it any wonder that Thursday has started feeling like Friday?

Apparently I am not alone. Last Thursday, my Loyola Press gal pal Denise Gorss (@Denise205) posted a tweet about it feeling like Friday. Hence, this exegetical exchange:

Yes, I do believe that two or more of us thinking it's Friday makes it so.

Also that Jesus the Christ is with us and expecting roasted chicken for Thursday's faux Shabbat meal. That's my time-tripping delusion and I'm sticking to it.