Monday, June 24, 2013

Praying for a Good Hair Day

I'll get to the hair thing in a bit but here's the context: I'm heading into New York City for what should be a very fabulous meeting with some of the coolest people I've yet to meet IRL (In Real Life).

Actually, I've already met Tim Schenck, who blogs as Clergy Family Confidential and who created Lent Madness.* Years ago we met at a book signing and it was an immediate meeting of the twisted minds. I'm sure the magic will continue, especially because I believe he's the one who has hashtagged this meet-up of social media aficionadae #snarkocalypse2013.

What does this have to do with my hair? Plenty. Think it through: New York, summer, humid.

This is why in addition to finger-combing lots of product through my hair, I'm praying for a good hair day. According to those who catalog these things, my options for intercession are St. Martin de Porres and St. Mary Magdalene.

And who is receiving my prayers for a Good Hair Day? I think the obvious choice is...obvious.

*Two years ago as a "celebrity blogger" I helped win the Golden Halo for St. Mary Magdalene. I'm still inordinately proud of that.