Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Twinterview with Melanie Rigney, author of Sisterhood of Saints

Before going on about author and friend, Melanie Rigney, I must admit that I got this "Twinterview" idea from author and friend, Sarah Reinhard, which involves answering questions in 140 characters or fewer. Brilliant! 

Now about Melanie, whom I've known for a decade? More than a decade? We originally met at a conference for writers interested in self-publishing that had absolutely nothing to do with faith, spirituality or religion. Still, that didn't stop us from taking a gloriously deep dive into those topics while sitting in a hotel lobby and continuing long after that conference was over. 

A gifted writer and rocking-amazing editor, Melanie regularly puts me in the awe zone with her written reflections and devotions. I admire (read: covet) her ability to "break open the Word" in a few hundred words. Her newest book, Sisterhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration is the latest fine example of Melanie's ability to inform and inspire. 

And you know all those book about saints you probably have on a bookshelf? This is one you'll want to keep on your nightstand!


Sisterhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration
by Melanie Rigney
Franciscan Media
Hardcover: 369 pages

Lots of book about saints out there, what should readers add yours to their library? 
It relates the women’s struggles, joys and faith to our lives today in bite-size (ten minutes a day) chunks.

Which saint was the most difficult to write about and why? 
Mary; I didn’t know how to approach her vis-à-vis today. Finally, I pictured her at Calvary—knowing it would help Jesus to see her, no matter how hard it was for her.

Which saint did you end up liking more than you anticipated and why? 
Maria Goretti. I’d never before been in touch with the profundity of her forgiveness of her killer.

While writing this book, what challenged you most as a writer and why? 
Deciding who NOT to write about! Several whom I had to leave out had stories similar to other, better known saints. I still feel bad.

While writing this book, What challenged you most as a Roman Catholic and why? 
The fearless way they pursued their vocations, regardless of the consequence. Nothing got between them and God. Can we do the same?

With which saint would you most love to share a spa day? 
Gwladys of Wales. She and her husband knew King Arthur and lived rowdy lives before their conversions. I’d love to hear her stories. 

What was the best part of writing this book and why? 
Gaining a whole bunch of new friends to help on my spiritual journey—and sharing them with other women.

Bonus: What's the topic of your next nonfiction book? 
I’d love to do a Brotherhood of Saints book if the women do well.

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