Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday's Ms. Adventure: I Search for a LBD (Little Black Dress)

Once upon a time and not that long ago, I owned three little black dresses. One I inherited, another one I found in an upscale consignment store, the third I broke down and bought retail, but on sale with a 30%-off coupon.

I no longer own any of those LBDs, mostly because I am no longer and will never again be a true size eight. I've never replaced them because, for some odd reason, I figured I could live out the rest of my life without this wardrobe essential.

What was I thinking? I was thinking my home office isn't exactly a LBD, pearls, and heels environment. I was thinking my (purple) wedding dress would be the last dress I'd ever have to buy. I was thinking I could get away with wearing dress pants or a skirt for any and all situations. And I guess I was thinking the LBD is such a classic that I could find easily find one if need be.

Silly me.

I've been trolling for a new LBD (size 10, which is probably a size 12 for real) for a while with no luck. All I want is a simple, classic sleeveless (or cap sleeve) sheath. Why has this become impossible to find? What's with all the ruching? The Goth cheerleader look? I was muttering all this and more while wandering through Nordstrom.

Muttering and posting tweets that generated  sympathetic conversation via Twitter including this from whomever monitors Nordstrom's social media accounts:

Nearly an hour later, which included being locked out of the dressing room and then hunting down the salesperson for a reunion with my clothes, I found the near-perfect LBD. It's deep purple.

This, in purple.