Thursday, June 19, 2014

What I'll Be Doing On My Summer Not-Vacation...and Beyond


Dear faithful and steadfast* readers,

Y'know how I always vow that I'm never ever ever no way ever going to write another book? It's such an absurd and uber-dramatic vow that I really ought to stop making. 

I've just signed another book contract with Liturgical Press. The working title is so boring I almost don't want to trot it out, but here it is [Snooooooze Alert! Receiving suggestions for something better!] Engaging Spiritual Practice: A Guide for 21st Century Seekers

This will be my guide for self-identified seekers who have tried some, many or even all of the classic spiritual practices and then, with no shortage of frustration, given up on some, many, or even all of them. 

Hand-to-heart-and-God, I proposed this long before knowing about or reading Never Pray Again, a book I recently reviewed on this blog. My book will, of course, be different (although the authors of Never Pray Again and I do share a certain je ne sais quoi writing style.)

Manuscript due...soon. Time management should be interesting, given my Mayo Clinic for Social Media responsibilities (see: new #MCCSM gig) and upcoming participation on a panel at the Stanford MedX conference in September.

See the picture posted above this text? That's a photo of my husband, Dan Webster, witnessing my signing of the Lit Press contract, artistically rendered (using to capture my interior experience of...everything.

*Steadfast relative to reading my stuff.