Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yes, a post about my cat. #kitteh

Cats. Don't like them? Move along.

For everyone else still reading, today's post is about what those of us possessed by cats already know. When it comes to paradoxical living, cats are Adepts. Vigilant and indolent. Distractible and focused. Solitudinous and affectionate.

Featured this and every morning? The binary opposition of quirky and habituated, often enacted simultaneously because cats also excel at that. Me too, but that's another post.

Today's featured habit: racing from wherever he is and whatever he's doing whenever he hears me ripping open packets of sweetener. It's an auditory cue for Mozart, who immediately groks* that I'm prepping my morning coffee, which includes being enhanced or ruined (depending on your perspective) with whipped topping.

Mozart loves whipped topping and starts whining if I don't make the lid immediately accessible for him to lick. And yes, I return the lid to the container without washing it.

So what's the quirk that accompanied this morning's ritual? Mozart refusing to reenact this scenario for the camera. Until I embedded a Party Mix crunchy cat treat in the dollop of faux cream.

Not the first time I've been played by this pussycat, but at least I got my beauty shot:

*Kudos to you if you don't need to look up this pop culture reference from yesteryear.