Saturday, January 12, 2008

Am I a WHAT?!?

I am relatively powerless over incoming e-mail. When the teeny tiny envelope icon pops up, I usually click on it immediately to see what might yank me away from whatever I was supposed to be doing but probably wasn't anyway. Got that? Great! Moving right along.

This afternoon when the teeny tiny envelope icon popped up, I clicked. The subject line: Religion?

Now you'd think, given what I mostly write about, I'd be accustomed to seeing "religion" in a subject line. Indeed I am, but the question mark generated some "ological" angst. What epistemological, ontological, phenomenological, or theological challenge would await me? Turned out to be all the above:
I was hoping you'd confirm for me (or state otherwise) that you're an orthodox practicing and believing Roman Catholic.
After determining that I was not being goofed upon by one of my Catholic pals, I hit the reply key.

I wanted to know what motivated (read: possessed) this person to contact me. I also wanted to know how this inquisitive soul defines "orthodox, practicing, and believing Roman Catholic." I almost can't wait to find out. Meanwhile, I'm pondering WWJS. I'm thinking Our Lord and Savior would push back with a key question of his own, like, "what's a Catholic?"

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit knows I'll have more to say about this real soon.

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  1. I think the Holy Spirit is at work... illumining another way for you to shine your considerable light into a corner of darkness. Peace --Mel


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