Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Accused of Cheating

She made the accusation after I had finished scooping cat poop, bagging trash, and making dinner. I had not yet gotten around to making lunch. In fact, I think I was in the mid-tuna sandwich when Ruth accused me of cheating.

What you need to understand is that Ruth is a killer attorney. (Actually, as a public defender, she's an attorney for [alleged] killers but hey, we believe in constitutional rights.) Thus, our conversations occasionally resemble an episode of "People's Court." I'm used to this and even enjoy these colloquies. Reminds me of law school, which I punted shortly after losing the struggle to understand Pennoyer v. Neff. I digress.

It's the morning after, so I don't remember what precisely led up to this:

"Do you like LinkedIn more than blogging?"

I hesitated for maybe three seconds, but in my own defense I must point that I was dealing with mayonnaise. Since we're all on diets, I needed to pay attention to the tuna situation. (All = Ruth, me, and her cat, Buddy.)

"So you do like LinkedIn more than blogging."

"I wouldn't say that."

"More than blogging, you like spending time on LinkedIn."

Note her exquisite technique.

Let the jury and readers note, I do not "like" LinkedIn more than blogging. They're totally different arenas for highly productive slacking.

I am not cheating on More Meredith Gould with Meredith Gould. There are limits to my self-absorption.


  1. LOL! Very glad to see a post up over here. They are very different things, I suppose. (Not quite ready to give in...)

    Of course I always argue with you *after* I eat. :)

  2. LinkedIn ShminckedIn! Get yerself on Facebook. It's a lot more fun!


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