Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Review: Blinded: The Story of Paul the Apostle

Having started out a zillion years ago as an aspiring illustrator (crow quill pen & ink!) you'd think I'd have paid more attention to the "graphic novels" trend. Up until now I haven't.

Artiste sour grapes? Writer why-can't-they-read-narrative-text hissy fit? Who knows? In any event, I've seen the light with a book titled, Blinded: The Story of Paul the Apostle.

Last night, my book signing seat was next to Steve Ross', author-illustrator of Blinded. What initially drew me to his table was a pile of sketches, work-in-progress work. One thing led to another and I ended up devouring Steve's book right then and there.

This was very Holy Spirit timing. In Blinded, Steve's compelling graphics and taut text make familiar stories come newly alive. I woke up this morning kicking myself (ouch) for not buying a pile of his books and getting them signed by him. I did, however, leave with a signed original pencil sketch that has already proven inspiring on a number of levels.

The book? A great gift, especially during this Vatican-proclaimed Year of St. Paul.

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